Unexpected treasures

There is nothing like going out to the garden and finding an unexpected treasure. That first tomato, roses that bloomed overnight or a butterfly in the lantana are what I look forward to when I step outside. One day last summer I went looking for a few garden beans and possibly a few tomatoes to add to my family’s dinner. What I found instead was a site to behold, a monster 4 lb zucchini hidden between the beans ( the squash had actually sent shooters so far into my vegetable garden that I ended up finding zucchini everywhere including at one point a neighbor’s yard)… oh and I also got a bowl of beans and a few tomatoes as well. I had no idea anything of THAT magnitude was taking up residence in my yard! Those are the moments when I just find myself so enthralled with this little gardening hobby of mine. It is such a blessing to go out and find something new growing in the yard,and to realize I had something to do with it. The joy of gardening is how it often times gives me a reason to stop and chat with neighbors I rarely see, to show up at a friend’s house with a basket of something homegrown to share or helping a stranger in the local nursery with a gardening question . I am looking to this new(albeit delayed) gardening season. I have tomatoes, beans, peppers, summer squash , peas and loads of herbs ready to go but I also have flowers and this year the roses are blooming in abundance.

Our area just had a cold, wet start to the month of June. The rain came at just the right time because any mom can tell you this is the busiest time of the year with kids (graduations, first communions, dance recitals, school trips, finals, sports banquets you name it.)  I admit I was neglecting my watering duties. Today I looked out the window into the garden and I saw a sea of roses all in bloom. The knockouts are doing fantastic, but I really do not fuss over them, just feed them a bit of compost, prune, and mulch well. In the summer I spray them with a mixture of liquid soap and water to keep the bugs away and they seem to be happy.  What really surprised me was the long stem pink roses I planted late last summer have decided to bloom and the look and smell divine!  here are a few pictures of my roses some of which I was able to put into bouquetsImageImage


The rest of the flowers are in bloom as well and I am still looking for places to prune, weed and replant…now if only it would warm up enough to stay outside for a while..

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